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Hi there!

My name is Ronisa Clark

I have worked in the accounting field for over 24 years with my recent years of experience in the healthcare field.   I'm a Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor with years of experience working in several types of accounting systems.  I enjoy working with small business owners and look forward to working with you as well. 


When I'm not crunching the numbers, I love traveling with my husband and kids.  I also enjoy crocheting, reading, and journaling.


Schedule a call today so we can get you on the road to recovery from financial stress!

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Ronisa Clark smiling in professional scene
  • I don't have an accounting system, I've only used a spreadsheet. Can you help me?
    Yes! We will work with you to get set up with an accounting system set up through Quickbooks Online. After you are set up, we will work to get your financial data inputted into Quickbooks Online.
  • What is the difference between a bookkeeper and a biller?
    Good question! A bookkeeper is someone that manages the money transactions that flow in and out of the business. A biller is someone that manages the income that is owed to the business. In the healthcare profession, this usually involves a biller to handle claims submitted to 3rd party insurances. They can also research unpaid claims. While both professions have tasks that could be completed by the same person, we highly recommend outsourcing those task to separate people. This will ensure separation of duties, which are designed to help protect your business and reduce fraudulent activities. By working with Dream Joy Consulting, we specialize in handling bookkeeping tasks.
  • I just started my business and I don't know if I am ready to hire a bookkeeper. Can you teach me how to do it myself?
    Absolutely! We offer training sessions for business owners that would like to manage their own bookkeeping within Quickbooks Online. As a ProAdvisor, we are able to train you on how to use the cloud based software.
  • Will you file my taxes for me?
    Our bookkeeping services are designed to have your business transactions ready before tax time. We recommend that you find a Tax Accountant that will be able to take your reconciled monthly transactions and file your taxes for you.
  • Is Quickbooks Online HIPAA compliant?
    No. As your bookkeeper, we do not recommend having any client information stored in the accounting software. That information should stay within your electronic health record.
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